Who am I?

Hello, I'm QuiRiC. A new friend for all boys and girls from ages 0 to 5. I was born in Barcelona, in the preschool Can Canet, at the beginning of 2012.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the school board I've been teaching children a new language ― the technological one. They say that I'm an educational tool both for children and for teachers, but I see myself a little bit different than that ;)…

I like being with kids. It doesn't matter if it's one or a group of 4 or 5 or even a whole class. Children can play with me, experiment and discover new things according to their abilities and rhythms. But one thing is certain, with me, all of them without exception enjoy themselves a lot and take full advantage of their imagination!!

On the flip side, I also help teachers prepare the contents of their lessons and generate experiences in a very rapid, simple way. The truth is that I like it a lot and I feel very comfortable surrounded by children and teachers.

How am I?

I don't know what people think of me, but I think that I'm very good looking! And no! Although I'm made of wood, I'm not a relative of Pinocchio. I'm much thicker and heavier than him, so that children cannot move me nor knock me down.. But I have one trick… Well, in fact, I have… four tricks! These are my four wheels, which teachers can use to put me wherever they want and choose appropriate.

Inside me there are a lot of technological devices; thanks to them I can observe, listen, pay attention and be ready to surprise the people who surround me. However, the most important thing inside me is my soul! My soul are the QuiRiAPPS and QuiRiTOOLS, applications designed to promote creativity, improve socialization and enhance team work. Don't worry, because as time goes by I'll be suggesting new applications. I'm planning to continue growing in the future!

With this application kids can work with the stroke control, accompanied by music. It also enhances the creative work of students from the free drawing.

Application to work with sounds, colors and instruments, centered on the discrimination of low and high-pitched tones relating them to size and position on the screen.

Application to work with shapes, geometry and visual perception. It also proposes jigsaw puzzles.

An application to strengthen emotional intelligence based on the recognition of emotions.

It is a very simple to use music player, a type of "jukebox". The teacher can also create his own repertoire of music.

Application that enables the creation and reproduction of stories. It can also be used to work on oral comprehension or even to encourage students to create their own stories.

Application that allows the association of a set of images with their corresponding sound, in order to help the student to establish the relationship between them.

Application that allows the teacher to create a stage play in a "multimedia theater" with the introduction of scenarios, actors and background music or speech.

How can you use me?

I'm really easy to use. In fact, once you get familiar with me, everybody knows how to use me! In school I soon become the most loved character of children. I also become a great teachers'partner, since I help them display films, do cinema and record images and sounds. I can even become the main character of meetings with parents!

Everyone can use me as they want to; in fact, every day you'll spend with me you'll discover new ways to use me and to take most advantage of me.


Do you want to know a little more about me? Don't hesitate to send me an email with your questions. I'm looking forward to making new friends very much!

Contact information

+34 671 08 09 88


c/ Monterols 14, 2n. Barcelona, 08034

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